"Shout Song" in the Golden Ballroom at Statler City

Jeff and Jenna had an epic dance party! Every single guest was on the dance floor the entire night. Jeff, being the owner of Toy Brothers Entertainment, knows how to throw a party! The wedding day started off with the groom getting ready at his home. The bride was at the Avant Buffalo to get ready. The wedding ceremony was at Trinity Episcopal Church in Buffalo. We then went for photos at the Curtis Hotel, Niagara Square, and City Hall. The reception was at the Statler in Buffalo.

We got back to Statler City a little before cocktail hour started, so the bride and groom could see the reception room before any guests arrived. We were also able to take advantage of doing portraits with them in the Golden Ballroom. Then we went around to different areas of the Statler for a few more photos before cocktail hour started. Then we headed back into the Ballroom to capture all the room details, while Jeff and Jenna freshened up and greeted their guests.

The party was going strong all night and it was time for the traditional "Shout Song." The couple had a huge box of light sabres to hand out to everyone. Neal was set up on the balcony of the ballroom to capture the entire crowd going crazy! I was on the lower level up close on the bride and groom. We only asked that none of the guests stepped in front of the couple. Everyone was amazing and surrounded the couple with so much love and excitement. Even though there were people everywhere. Jeff and Jenna seemed to stay in their own world! Look at those smiles!

The bride and groom had a lot of practice being in their own world surrounded by thousands of people on their engagement session. We all went to Florida and did photos at Disney's Magic Kingdom. Jeff and Jenna are both huge fans of Disney and it was the perfect place to capture the beginning of their "Toy Story!"

Location: 107 Delaware Ave Buffalo, NY 14202.