Engagement Session at Disney's Magic Kingdom

Engagement Session at Disney's Magic Kingdom

Jeff and Jenna are both huge fans of Disney. They are both part of the wedding business here in Buffalo as well. When they approached us to be their wedding photographers, we were honored and so excited to be a part of their special day. Planning started and the engagement session was brought up.They were getting ready to plan a trip to Disney and wanted us to photograph their engagement session in Florida. We talked dates and it all worked out great for both of us. They flew down a few days before us and we met up with them at Downtown Disney to map out the game plan for photos. We definitely wanted to do portraits at night inside of Magic Kingdom. We planned to meet them at their hotel the next morning and walk around the park and do photos at some of their favorite spots. Photographing in Disney is not easy. They do not like outside photographers coming in. We have to act like we are tourists and bring in limited gear. We have photographed here a few times, so we were ready! We documented some beautiful images in more casual outfits with the bride and groom to be. We all took a break and were to meet later that evening. They would be in their dressier outfits!

The night was winding down and the fireworks in front of Cinderella's castle were going to go off soon. We really loved how the carousel was lit up and wanted to have that be in the shot, with the castle and fireworks behind them. A bonus here was most families were on the other side of the castle to watch. This left us with only a few stragglers walking around. We had a few different ideas when it came to the framing of the image. Did we want to zoom in a little or get a wide angle. Neal decided he wanted to go for it and do a panorama to incorporate the whole surrounding area. This would require taking more than one image. He took 6 different shots and had to merge them together in post for a panorama.

The only extra lighting we used was hidden near the carousel. We tried to use the lights from the ride, but it didn't splash enough light on the couple to make them stand out. We had them pose and the fireworks started to go off. Jeff and Jenna are small in the image, but that light we added really makes them pop. We went back and forth on keeping this image in color or turning it to black and white. The black and white looked great, but the colors were so vibrant, we had to keep it in color!

This image is a fairy tale dream come true. The bride and groom are in one of their favorite places and celebrating their love for one another. We continued this amazing adventure with this couple back in Buffalo for their wedding in November of 2018. The ceremony was at Trinity Episcopal Church in Buffalo. We did photos at the Curtis Hotel, Niagara Square, and City Hall. Their reception was at Statler City, where we got more beautiful image!

Location: Disney's Magic Kingdom.