Royalton Resort montego bay wedding photography beach

Royalton Resort montego bay wedding photography beach

Jaclyn and Jaimen had an amazing destination wedding in Montego Bay Jamaica. The wedding, reception, and wedding photos were done at the Royalton Resort Montego Bay. It was amazing!

The bride and groom had a very small and intimate sunset wedding. The ceremony was held on a gazebo that overlooked the ocean. Off of the gazebo was this really cool rock pier.

After the ceremony, we did the family portraits at the same location. As we were taking photos, Neal looked out over the water. We were getting amazing skies. We had to take a time out and take the bride and groom for a few seconds. The good part was the cocktail hour was right by the gazebo as well, so the family grabbed some hors d' oeuvres and drinks. 

Neal really wanted Jaclyn and Jaimen to go out on the rock wall pier. They had to get out there really fast because the sky was changing by the second. I followed the bride and groom out with some extra lighting. Neal was going to be taking the image from the pier. He told the newlyweds he wanted the groom to take his wife by the and and lead her toward the end of the pier. We wanted them to look at each other. Right when Jaimen took this step, Neal yelled out he got the shot. He loved the way the groom looked like he was taking a little step up on a rock.

Then there were the colors in the sky. We got an amazing sunset every night in Jamaica while we were there. The cloud formations were amazing! There was no way Neal Urban was going to pass up this sky!

We did a post bridal session the next day with the bride and groom. Jaclyn put her wedding dress back on and Jaimen put his dress pants and white button down. We wanted a more casual look. We did photos all around the resort and beach and got even more beautiful images!

Location: Mountain Spring, Trelawny, A1, Montego Bay, Jamaica.