bright airy lifestyle wedding photography delaware park

bright airy lifestyle wedding photography delaware park

Dave and Kristine had an amazing Sunday wedding! This couple meant so much to us as Dave is a videographer (LaNasa Studio). We flew him out to California to video our wedding. We work with him all the time. We met the lovely Kristine and all became good friends. It was an honor to photograph their wedding!

Their wedding was at Brookfield Country Club! We went for photos at Delaware Park. Kristine loves it there! She looked absolutely stunning. I cried when I first saw her in her wedding dress! Kristine was a full on vintage bride! Her dress had a combination of lace and sheer material. When the sun hit it, she was glowing! Dave looked just as good too!

This bridge is pretty popular for wedding photos. Luckily it was a Sunday and there was nobody else around! I was working with Kristine and saw Dave sitting on the ledge just hanging out! I told Kristine to join him. She set her flowers down and took a seat.

Dave pulled his gorgeous wife in and Kristine grabbed his other hand. I told Kristine to lean into her husband. She did this so naturally! Then Kristine closed her eyes! I had goose bumps, they looked so good!

I think this image is so timeless! I love the trees. I love the stone. I love Kristine and Dave!

Location: 199 Lincoln Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14222.