buffalo wedding reception columns mother son dance

buffalo wedding reception columns mother son dance

This is one of my favorites images from Jenne and Michael's wedding in July of 2017. The reception was at the Columns Banquet Facility in Elma, NY. Ceremony was at St. Joseph University in Buffalo. For photos (idle) we went to Knox Farm State Park in East Aurora.

This image is timeless. Here is the mother and brother of the bride. They are watching the bride dance with her father. We just knew this was going to me an emotional time. The family is so close and there were already so many tears of joy throughout the day.

This is definitely a moment when having two photographers is so important. One of us always has our camera on the bride and groom. Or in this instance the bride and her father dancing. The other can look around a bit to see what everyone else is doing. We always locate the parents of the bride and groom during times like this. We saw the bride's brother move from the head table down to sit with his mother. When he put his arm around her, she lost it. We love how she leaned on him embracing his presence. Then, you see another woman place her hands on the mother of the bride. Her expression is just as timeless. 

The bride and groom have no idea things like this are happening. When they receive their images, they are amazed at how much we see and capture. This image was turned black and white to bring out even more emotion.

Location: 2221 Transit Rd, Elma, NY 14059.