buffalo wedding bride and bridesmaids gold dresses city

buffalo wedding bride and bridesmaids gold dresses city

A bride and her bridesmaids can be a beautiful image. We always like to work with the ladies and then the groom and his groomsmen separate.

Jennie and Artie had a May wedding and the weather was perfect! They had their ceremony at Our Lady of Victory Basilica in Lackawanna, NY. We stayed there and did a ton of photos. Then we headed to Buffalo City Hall and Niagara Square. The reception was at the Statler, which was right across the street. 

We were finishing up with the photos at Niagara Square and the bridal party was heading to the limo. The guys were already gone. The ladies took a little longer to get organized. Jenna needed a little help carrying her  wedding dress and veil across the street. As the bridesmaids were gathering everything up, we asked Jenna to look toward the camera. No one else knew Neal was taking a photo.

The wind was on our side and blowing in the right direction. We could see Jenna's face and that gorgeous smile. This was a favorite shot of the bride and groom. The bride and all her ladies in action! Everyone was involved and they didn't even know it.

This was another instance where we always have to keep our eyes on the bride and groom. Photo opportunities pop up like crazy and we try our best not to miss anything.

Location: Niagara Square Buffalo NY 14202 United States.