buffalo wedding city hall photography pillars bride dress

buffalo wedding city hall photography pillars bride dress

Sometimes a photo opportunity can present itself when you least expect it. This was one of those times.

Jenna and Artie tied the knot at Our Lady of Victory Basilica in Lackawanna, NY. Then we went to Buffalo City Hall and Niagara Square for photos. Then to the Statler in downtown Buffalo for the reception. 

This bridal portrait sort of just happened. We were finishing up path City Hall, and Jenna was standing there with her flowers. She looked amazing! Neal happened to look up from packing the gear and asked her to look down at her flowers. That was all. I saw this and decided to run down the stairs to grab a different angle from the front of the building. 

It's always great to have two photographers for a wedding. We each have our own ideas, but work very well off of one another. Being a husband and wife team, we pretty much know what the other is thinking. This allows us to capture even more shots and create more artistic images. Two heads are better than one!

There is so much detail going on in this picture. Her dress has so much elegant detail. Her bouquet is very simple and very neutral. It was so beautiful. When the bouquets are very vibrant, they sometimes distract the eye and you are drawn right to the flowers in the image. Keeping them light and neutral keeps the eyes on the bride and groom! We even loved the pillar in the back ground. It had just enough texture to separate the back from Jenna, so she didn't blend in.

This bridal image even made their wedding album. We loved their photos and album so much, we made a studio sample album as well!

Location: 65 Niagara Square Buffalo NY 14202 United States.