Father Son Getting Ready at the Hampton Inn Buffalo

Father Son Getting Ready at the Hampton Inn Buffalo

Jocelyn and Chris both got ready at the Hampton Inn and Suites in downtown Buffalo. The bride needed a conference room for hair and makeup to accommodate seventeen bridesmaids! Chris had nine groomsmen, so they had a regular suite. After getting some photos with the guys, Neal asked everyone to leave the room except the groom and his son. He wanted his son, also his best man, to help finish up Chris's getting ready.

This image is so cute and gives me goosebumps every time I see it. The groom is a really tall guy, so Neal pulled a chair over for his son to help put on his coat. What you may not notice right away, is the reflection of both of them in the picture frame. There is a lot of emotion in this image. Neal turned it black and white to showcase the emotion. He pulled all of the curtains closed except for right behind father and son. This helped make them stand out and create a nice silhouette. There was just enough light to brighten up a bit of their faces too. The black and white really makes this image pop and scream drama!

This was an amazing moment for Chris and his son. A wedding day is so busy and crazy and does not allow for a bunch of time to spend one on one with people. His son was a huge part of the day. To capture this moment with just of them was priceless.

The bride and groom had their wedding ceremony at St. Joseph's Cathedral in Buffalo. We then did photos around the downtown area and Gallagher Pier. The reception was at the Columns Banquets in Elma.

Location: 220 Delaware Ave Buffalo, NY 14202.