First Look at the Curtis

First Look at the Curtis

Erin and Ryan both got ready at the Curtis Hotel for their wedding. They wanted to also do a first look there. Neal Urban Photography asked them if they wanted to arrange to do that on the rooftop. There were no other events happening at the time, so we set up the first look. Just the bride and groom.

Neal Urban Portraits had the groom with his back to the elevator entrance. Once his bride started to walk to him, we had him turn around to see here. This was his first reaction. It was priceless. We love doing a first look with the couple without a crowd of people We typically ask the bride and groom in advance if they want it private. About 99% say yes. So, we ask the wedding party to hang back for a few minutes.

Erin and Ryan were able to talk to each other and ask how each others morning was going. And just have a few moments together before the craziness of the wedding day. Neal Urban Weddings kept the couple on the roof top for a while taking advantage of the views of Buffalo. Then we all headed down and met the wedding party in the lobby of the Curtis. We then used the Curtis Hotel to finish up the portraits with wedding party.

The ceremony and reception were taking place at Statler City, so we took advantage for photos there before guests started to arrive. Two great locations for photos!

Location: Curtis Hotel .