buffalo wedding photographer the statler city lobby bride

buffalo wedding photographer the statler city lobby bride

One of our favorite wedding venues is the Statler in downtown Buffalo. They have some of the most amazing furniture in their lobby. We love using it for photos. 

After the idle, we all got back to the Statler a little early. We like to do this so the bride and groom can get settled and get a drink before their guests arrive. The bride can get bustled. And the happy couple can be the first to see their reception room all finished! This also allows us to capture all the details in the room before guests come in. The bride, groom, and their families put so much hard work and effort into the details. They are a huge part of the day.

Before going in, Kelly took a seat in the lobby. Neal looked and ran over to her. One last photo before you go in! This was actually a different angle than Neal was shooting. I was standing to the side and got this! He was shooting straight on to capture the picture frame in the back. He had a much wider vision. Then Kelly went down to fix her shoe. We both asked her to stay just like that at the same time. She looked gorgeous!

Since this was a spur of the moment image, there was no extra lighting used. There was no time. Luckily the lobby had a nice warm feel to it. 

Kelly and Tom had one of the most outgoing group of guests we had ever seen. They had the best dance party. They were so blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing group of friends and family to celebrate their big day! And we could not have been happier to be a part of their wedding day!

Location: 107 Delaware Ave. Buffalo, NY 14202 United States.