buffalo castle ruins engagement wedding photography

buffalo castle ruins engagement wedding photography

Jessica and Pete were such an outgoing and fun couple! They wanted to do some really fun photos for their engagement session, but weren't completely sure where to go. They wanted something different. 

At Ellicott Creek Park in Amherst, there are some ruins that look like a mini castle. There is also graffiti on it. We thought they would have fun with this idea. They loved it! Jessica said she wanted to be really dressed up! It was going to look awesome!

We walked around the park and did photos until we reached the castle. There were small windows and arches everywhere. There was some really nice back lighting coming through this particular spot. We framed them in and told Pete to bring his fiance in! Jessica then grabbed his tie! It was great! You can see Pete is laughing a little too! There was some graffiti on the wall to the side of them. We did have to blur some out a bit. We didn't want it too prominent for this image. And we didn't want any inappropriate words in the photos!

From here, we stopped at the Delaware Park basketball courts. Jessica and Pete love sports and they wanted to play. The best part, was Jessica wanted to stay in her dress and heels. That is something we don't see everyday! We got some fun images there that really showed their personalities!

They had their wedding ceremony at St. Joseph RC Church in Buffalo. Then we went to the Herschell Carousell Museum in North Tonawanda for the idle. The reception was at the Byblos Hotel and Spa (formerly Holiday Inn Grand Island) in Grand Island, NY.

Location: 1 Ellicott Creek Drive, Tonawanda, NY 14150.