Vintage Car Engagement Session at Lockport Locks

Vintage Car Engagement Session at Lockport Locks

Emily and Brandon's engagement session was so much fun! There was a lot in store for us when we first met with this couple. Apart from their New Years Eve wedding planning, they had so many ideas for the engagement photos! The groom's father had this vintage car that belonged to his father. They wanted to start off the session using the car. Since the car is old, it couldn't be driven too far. They decided to have photos done outside of the Palace Theatre first with the car. They wanted a high fashion style for the part of the shoot. They both looked stunning!

After the theatre, the father of the groom drove the car to the Lockport Locks, which was only about 5 minutes away from the Theatre. We had him park the car along the water, with all the trees in the back ground. It was a gloomy, rainy day, so we needed to bring in extra lighting for the shoot. We wanted to light up the couple and also the car. We wanted everything to look really sharp!

We love this pose with the bride and groom to be. Brandon loved his sunglasses! His confidence level shot right up when he wore them. He had a nice casual pose next to the car. He offered his arm like a gentleman to Emily. Then they both started laughing. It was a perfect moment! We gave them a basic idea of what we wanted and had the couple take it from there!

After doing photos at the Lockport Locks, we headed to the bride's family cottage, about 2 hours away. She wanted to use a hacker craft that her father restored. We felt so spoiled on this shoot. We were so happy they chose locations and things that were meaningful to both them, and their families! That is one important thing we like to talk about during our first meeting with clients. We want them to have photos done on locations that are important to them. Not just a placed they googled for pretty engagement or wedding photos. We want the couple to look back at the images years from now and love them every time they see them!

Once we went through all of the images and delivered them to Emily and Brandon, we could not wait for their wedding on New Years Eve. The wedding ceremony was at All Saints Roman Catholic Church in Lockport and the reception was at Rapid's Theatre in Niagara Falls!

Location: 210 Market St. Lockport NY 14094.