washington dc capitol monument wedding photography

washington dc capitol monument wedding photography

We travelled to Laura and Dan's destination wedding in Washington DC. I had never been there and was so excited. 

Their wedding a reception were just outside of the city in Frederick, Maryland. It was at the Ceresville Manor. It was a beautiful venue!

The bride and groom and a lot of the guests stayed in Washington DC. We were all at the Renaissance Hotel. It was only about ten blocks from the White House. For photos, Laura and Dan wanted to go to some of the historic landmarks. We loved this! They did a first look and photos at the hotel and then we all jumped in the limo and headed out. 

The Washington Monument was a must stop for photos. It is located in what is called the National Mall. We would have views of the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and all the way down to the Capitol Building. Any way we looked, we could have a different look for photos. 

This image was taken at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Then the Washington Monument in the back ground. We wanted to get a nice reflection in the water. Neal took the image from further away and at a very low angle to get the entire Monument. To make it more fun, we wanted the bride's veil to blow in the wind. There was not too much wind that day. But I was with the newlyweds helping with posing and I tossed the veil in the air. It looked perfect.

Being in one of the busiest tourist areas in the country we knew we would be dealing with a lot of people. We were surprised at how nice everyone was and stayed back so we could take the photos really quick before passing by. The extra people you see in this image had no idea we were taking the photo. They walked around the bend just as Neal was snapping away. It was perfect timing. We had to keep them in the image. If you look closely, they are both looking at Laura and Dan and so curious. They made the story behind this image even better!

Location: 2 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20024.