Morraine Farm Boston wedding photographers of groom

Morraine Farm Boston wedding photographers of groom

Rori and Marc had a gorgeous wedding at the Estate at Morraine Farm in Beverly, MA. We drove down from Buffalo to photograph the wedding. The ceremony was outside in front of the tea house and the reception was in a huge tent across from the Estate. 

They both got ready at hotels just outside of the wedding venue. I stayed with Rori and the bridesmaids while hair and makeup was finishing. Neal went up to visit Marc and his groomsmen. 

We loved this image of Marc. He looks so cool in this photo. His fiance warned us in advance that he was not big on smiling. He was pretty serious. We told her not to worry. We had some tricks!

Look at the grooms smile in this image! He looks awesome! He had some really nice cufflinks on. Neal had him bring up his arm as if he was doing them up. Then he had him look off to the side. There was something missing though. Neal was told by the groomsmen that Marc always wore sunglasses. They were in the room, so Neal had the groom put them on. That did it! He looked awesome!

The first time we met Rori and Marc in person was at Knox Farm State Park in East Aurora, NY for their engagement session. The brought up their three dogs to be in the photos. Rori started a greyhound rescue group and these were some her and Marc rescues they decided to keep.

These greyhounds showed up at the Estate at Morraine Farm for the wedding! They were in the wedding party and walked down the aisle. The bride also had outfits made that would show her and her husbands wedding date on them. That was a fun image to set up with them and making sure all of the numbers were in order.

The day after the wedding we did photos at Sacco's Bowl Haven. It was candlepin bowling. We had no idea what it was. It were these tiny wooden stick pins and the ball looked like a bocce ball. We got some great images of the guests bowling and having fun. Then we hit the road home to Buffalo, NY!

Location: 719 Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915.