First look with the bride and her father

First look with the bride and her father

This image is so emotional and had to be black and white. The first time dad saw his daughter all dressed and ready for her big day. This is such a huge moment for a parent, sibling, or even best friend to see the bride for the first time. Sometimes we even tear up behind the camera.

Neal Urban Weddings always tells people to not hold back. Let those happy tears go and be in the moment. These can be some of the best and most memorable images from your wedding day. The tears continued throughout the wedding ceremony as well. That took place at Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (formerly St. Joseph Church) in Niagara Falls NY.

After the ceremony and family portraits, Neal Urban Portraits and the wedding party, headed to Delaware Park for some photos. The weather was a little rainy that day, so we used the Rose Garden area because it has a covered area. The wedding party and bride and groom were such troopers. Then we headed over to the Foundry Suites in Buffalo for a few more portraits and the reception.

Neal Urban Weddings had the pleasure of working with this couple for engagement portraits the previous year and knew the wedding images were going to be gorgeous!

Location: Lewiston NY.