father daughter wedding first look country home stairs

father daughter wedding first look country home stairs

This is a beautiful moment between the Bride and her father's first look as Heather walked down the stairs in the house she grew up in to be greeted by her dad at the bottom. I really like the fact that Heather's senior photo is hanging on the wall in the background!

After the first look with Dad, Heather walked across the street near the lower Niagara River where her soon to be husband was waiting for her for their private first look. It was a beautiful moment with the river and sail boats in the background foreshadowing where they were going to get married later in the day at the Youngstown Yacht Club. 

After the first look we all headed down to the Fort Niagara. It was personal to Heather since that's where she grew up! The Bridal party joined them for photos. They even had some reenactment characters join in for some fun photos then it was time to get married at the Yacht Club!

Their ceremony had sailboats in the background as well as their first dance. Such a cool way to tie it all together. It even looks better when it's in their wedding album which is on display at our studio!

Location: 1 Scott Ave Youngstown NY 14174 United States.