Bride and Groom in the Golden Ballroom at Statler City

Bride and Groom in the Golden Ballroom at Statler City

Jeff and Jenna had a gorgeous wedding at Statler City in Buffalo. They pulled out all of the stops. Jeff, also being in the wedding business (owner of Toy Bros Entertainment), wanted to give his wife to be the wedding of her dreams. Her family is also in the wedding business! They own Status Limo. They had their wedding ceremony at Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Buffalo. We went for photos at the Curtis Hotel, Niagara Square, and back to the Statler. We wanted to take advantage of the Ballroom before any guests were let in.

We documented the lovely couple seeing the reception room for the first time. Then we got to work getting our ideas for portraits. As they toured the room, we set up our lighting to get this image. The head tables had huge glass vases with water and candles in them. Statler also has some gorgeous chandeliers in the ballroom. We knew we wanted to have the chandeliers incorporated. But as Neal was moving his angle, he tried to have the vases in the photo. With a small adjustment of moving the couple over slightly, he got this effect with the vases. I love how they picked up reflections of candles and lights throughout the room.

What better pose for a shot like this, than a good old fashioned prom pose. Always a parent favorite! People always laugh and can't believe we are posing them like this. All they think of is their high school prom. They do not realize it is a very intimate pose. For this image, it was perfect. We had them look down toward the bride's shoulder. You can see how Jenna is leaning back a bit onto Jeff's chest. They are both have little smiles too! One of my favorites from this wedding!

A little back story on the bride and grooms engagement session! They are huge Disney fans! We all flew down to Florida and did photos inside of the Magic Kingdom! We have done photos there a few times. There are a bunch of restrictions and you are not supposed to have outside photographers brought in. We have to bring limited gear and look like tourists! We went on a few rides with the couple, watched a few shows, all while snapping photos in between! We are always up for a challenge and Disney is one place we have to get really creative with taking photos!

Location: 107 Delaware Ave Buffalo, NY 14202.