buffalo wedding rings bubble idea sheas arts center

buffalo wedding rings bubble idea sheas arts center

I love detail shots! We love to get creative too, especially with the rings. At some point during the wedding, usually the reception, we will take the wedding rings from the couple for photos. We even take the engagement ring!

For Julie and Ben, we wanted to do something fun. They were a super outgoing couple and we wanted it to match their personalities. Their reception was at Shea's Performing Arts Center in downtown, Buffalo. It is an amazing venue. Their reception and dancing were right on the stage!

We also did photos of the wedding party there earlier in the day. We brought a bubble gun for fun and incorporated bubbles when we did the bridesmaids portraits. The girls were silly and loving it! The images looked amazing!

We decided to see if we could use the bubble gun for the ring shots. We found a dark surface. This was one of the outside bars in the lobby area that are used when a play is happening. We added some light to get a reflection first. Once that was ready, we started the bubbles! We had no idea what was going to happen. Then we looked at the image out of the camera and loved the effect the bubbles were creating. We continued to do a few more to have a variety of bubble effects. This was the winner! You can see the bubbles, and also when they popped! It looked like it was raining!  Then you can see both the bubbles and rings in the reflection. 

This was a great idea. Glad we stopped at Target and bought a kids toy earlier in the week!

Location: 646 Main St. Buffalo NY 14202 United States.