buffalo wedding silo city rustic photography wedding dress

buffalo wedding silo city rustic photography wedding dress

Buffalo has some amazing buildings and architecture. Grain silos are pretty cool for photos. This was the stunning Natalie on September 14, 2013. 

Natalie and husband Joe, were up for anywhere and anything for photos. They wanted something different. We were headed down toward the industrial part of Buffalo (where General Mills is located) and we have their limo pull over near the grain elevators. Neal took a walk around and found an open door. We decided to go in. It was awesome inside, but a little scary. We had to work fast because we knew we shouldn't be there. Sometimes we have to do it for the shot!

We wanted the bride in the doorway and her dress trailing down the metal stairs. We asked Natalie to look off to have a bit of profile showing.

This shot is not really black and white either. It does have a hint of color. Neal never goes for a solid black and white or color. He likes to mix things up. That is why he color corrects images manually and not a preset button. 

When looking at the photo, you can see so much detail of the grain elevator. The texture in the curved ceiling is so neat. The old look of the concrete makes Natalie and her dress stand out so nicely.

We continued on to the Buffalo Outer Harbor in Buffalo for more photos. Then to Pearl at the Webb for the wedding reception.

Location: 1200 Childs St. Buffalo NY 14203 United States.