Tonawanda Castle in buffalo ny wedding photograph of the groom suit

Tonawanda Castle in buffalo ny wedding photograph of the groom suit

Jennifer and Anthony got married on August 20th, 2016 at the Tonawanda Castle in Tonawanda, NY. Both bride and groom got ready in different parts of the Castle. This worked out great for Neal, as he could jump back and forth between both of them for details and getting ready photos.

Anthony looks like a GQ model in this photo. Actually, in all his photos. Neal took Anthony in a different room than his groomsmen to get some really cool shots. He didn't want the guys to distract Anthony too much for this part. It only took about ten minutes, then he was back with his crew!

Neal captured the action of the groom putting on his jacket and making adjustments so well. The placement of his hands on the lapels are great. Neither hand is covering his face. You can see the details of the buttons on his suit coat sleeve. Anthony has some pretty great hair as well. Not a strand out of place!

The only direction or posing tips Neal gave Anthony was where to stand and to have a look down. His placement was great too. You can see in the back there is a mirror or picture frame. Anthony is right in the middle. Then there are some other pictures on the wall that are lighter in color. You would think your eye would get drawn right to them because the image is on the darker side. But, with the way the light is hitting Anthony, there is a nice balance on both sides of the image. 

And that blue suit just makes this groom even more magazine worthy!

Groom portraits do not have to be boring. They can be pretty simple. The hard part is finding nice light and a location that is manly and suites the groom and his style.

Location: 69 Delaware St. Tonawanda, NY 14150.