buffalo same sex wedding hayloft grove reception

buffalo same sex wedding hayloft grove reception

Sarah and Christina had their wedding at Hayloft at the Grove in East Aurora, NY. It was a beautiful same sex marriage. Every detail for the wedding was handmade by the lovely couple and their families.

This was a first look with Sarah and some of her bridesmaids. They had not seen her in her wedding dress yet. Her mom and sister helped her get ready, then the ladies were brought in. 

We love the girls expressions here. The bridesmaid on the left is showing so much emotion. It started off as a laugh, then happy cry. 

Neal had the great idea of having Sarah stand so her reflection would be in the mirror behind the ladies. He could get her reaction as well! Such a creative idea!

I think it such a great idea to keep the wedding dress a secret. I know the bridesmaids sometimes go shopping with the bride, but the reaction is priceless when there are some surprises.

The rest of the wedding day was just as emotional as this image. When dad was brought in to see his daughter for the first time, everyone was crying. It was such a special moment between, the bride, mom, dad, and sister. They kept it private. Everyone could let their guard down! It was beautiful!

The ceremony was held outside and the reception was in one of the barns. It was very rustic and gorgeous!

Location: 11736 Big Tree Rd, East Aurora, NY 14052.