sandals white house jamaica wedding photographers

sandals white house jamaica wedding photographers

Leanne and Rick had a destination wedding at the Sandals White House in Jamaica (now Sandals South Coast). It was beautiful. 

This image was taken when Leanne finished getting ready. Hair and makeup were complete. She got into her wedding dress and we wanted to do some portraits before she headed down to the ceremony at the beach. 

This is the second shooter angle. Neal had the bride looking toward his camera. I moved myself around to get another angle. I really liked when I saw this. It was a simple head shot against the neutral wall. I loved the accessories she had on. The earrings were gorgeous. And the fresh flowers in her hair were beautiful. Leanne has a really big smile. She has a contagious smile and laugh too! She did not have her full on out smile in this image. It really seemed to work well here though. 

I love how Neal edited my image. He added some texture to the wall in the back. That was it, but it looked great!

Bridal portraits are my favorite. I love working with the bride. Neal and I have some different visions. So I like when we have time to be able to do both. He can get more artistic and dramatic, where as I go for a more bright and airy look!

It is also nice to have two photographers. We are a husband and wife team. Sometimes one of us can set a shot up, but the other may see something better from another spot. This is what happened in this image!

Location: White House, Jamaica.