bridal party vanity fair style inside buffalo club

bridal party vanity fair style inside buffalo club

A wedding party portrait at the Buffalo Club sounds like a lovely idea! The Buffalo Club is a historic and elegant venue in Santa Monica, California, known for its charming ambiance. To capture a beautiful wedding party portrait there, you'll want to consider a few key factors:

  1. Timing: The timing of your portrait session is crucial. Consider the lighting conditions at the Buffalo Club. If possible, schedule your portrait session during the golden hour (the hour or so before sunset) for soft, flattering light.

  2. Location: Buffalo Club has several picturesque spots for portraits. You can opt for the lush garden area, the vintage-inspired interiors, or even the exterior of the club for a classic backdrop. Discuss your preferences with your photographer ahead of time.

  3. Poses: Work with your photographer to plan out a variety of poses that showcase the personalities and relationships within your wedding party. Traditional group shots are great, but don't be afraid to get creative and capture candid moments too.

  4. Styling: Ensure that your wedding party is well-dressed and coordinated. Their attire should align with the overall theme and color scheme of your wedding.

  5. Props: Consider incorporating props or elements from the Buffalo Club's décor to add character to your portraits. This could include vintage furniture, lush potted plants, or even the club's iconic buffalo statue.

  6. Emotions: Encourage natural and emotional expressions. Candid shots where everyone is genuinely happy and relaxed often make for the most memorable and heartwarming portraits.

  7. Timing: Be mindful of your timeline. Allocate enough time for the portrait session without rushing. It's a special moment that should be enjoyable for everyone.

  8. Communication: Keep open communication with your photographer and wedding party. Everyone should be aware of the plan for the portrait session to ensure it runs smoothly.

Remember that your wedding party portrait is a cherished keepsake from your special day, so take your time to plan it well. With a beautiful setting like the Buffalo Club and careful preparation, you can capture wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Location: 388 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202.