Golden Ballroom Engagement

Golden Ballroom Engagement

Erica and Devon had such a memorable engagement session for Neal Urban Studio. This would be the last time photographing at Statler City until renovations are complete. We were so excited to be one of the last photographers there. This bride and groom to be wanted something very high fashion. Nothing trendy, but timeless and classy.

Neal Urban Portraits had access to anywhere we wanted to go inside of Statler. The Golden Ballroom is a favorite of ours. They had just cleaned up an event from the day before and all of the chairs and tables were still out. Neal Urban decided to take advantage of the cluttered chairs. We call it a controlled mess! Neal Urban Weddings brought out some of our studio lighting for more drama.

Creating different kinds of portraits is what Neal Urban Studio really loves to do. Using everything that we are given on a location can create something amazing like this.

Originally Erica and Devon wanted Statler for their wedding reception location. They were so upset to hear that couldn't happen. So taking advantage of it for the engagement was so important for us. They ended up booking their wedding at Forbes Theater (500 Pearl), which is still just a gorgeous. Neal Urban Weddings can't wait for their June 2022 wedding!

Location: Buffalo NY.