buffalo wedding award winning photographers salvatores

buffalo wedding award winning photographers salvatores

This is by far such a great unexpected image! Look at this little guy. This was later in the reception and he was playing hide and seek. Neal noticed him peeking out from under the table every now and then. Neal got down low on the dance floor to see if he would peek out again. Sure enough, just as he was peeking out, a guest began to dance right near the table.

It looks like he is looking up her dress! It was so funny. He was really just looking up, but from far away it looks like the dress. Neal could not believe how funny this was. This image was perfect and would have such a great story.

It was entered in a photojournalistic category at WPPI competition(Wedding Portrait and Photography International) in Las Vegas. It scored very high and got a great reaction for both the judges and attendees. 

Every time I see this photo, I start to laugh. Children are so unpredictable. Things can happen when we least expect them. Our eyes are constantly looking all over. Always one set of eyes on the bride and groom of course. The bride and groom are so excited to see the images we take. Most of the time, especially during the reception, things are happening they do not even know are. Images like these are always such a surprise for the clients. Sometimes for us too!

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