puerto vallarta mexico destination wedding photographers

puerto vallarta mexico destination wedding photographers

This is one of our all time favorite images from a destination wedding. It was also one of the most difficult to get. We travelled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Sylvia and Joe's wedding on November 7th, of 2015. Sylvia is from there and that is where most of her family still lives. She wanted to have the wedding there.

The ceremony was in an old church called Our Lady of Guadalupe. This was in the heart of the city. This was so different for us because most destinations have everything at the resort. After the ceremony, Sylvia and Joe wanted to walk around the city for photos! What a great idea!  We actually had the opportunity to drive around with Sylvia and Joe the night before, after the rehearsal to plan out some locations near the church. Neal loved this tree canopy. Then the bride tells us she has an old style taxi cab picking her up for the ceremony! Now, Neal's mind was working even more and wanted the taxi to hang around for some photos!

In Puerto Vallarta, the roads are very very narrow. There are not really any stop signs or street lights. It was pretty dangerous. We were nervous crossing the street! Very different from Buffalo, and also so exciting! 

Now, we needed to make this image happen. We explained to the bride and groom what we wanted. We showed them the pose. Then we needed the taxi in a certain spot. Sylvia translated it to the taxi driver. Luckily this was a one way street, so no cars could come through behind. We still had one problem. There was a cross street exactly where Neal needed to take the photo. At first Neal was just waiting for cars to go by and jumping in out of the street. Then he decided we needed some lighting and I had to be in the street to. Thanks to the wedding party and best man (Joe's brother) they halted traffic for a few seconds. 

There was no way we were leaving without this shot! This image is amazing and well worth the risk! We would do it all over again if we had to.

Then we headed to the NOW Amber Resort where everyone was staying and also the reception.

Sylvia and Joe had an amazing wedding and we were so happy to travel to this destination of her home town in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Location: Calle David Alfaro Siqueiros No. 164, Zona Hotelera Las Glorias, 48333 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico .