buffalo shea's performing art theatre wedding photography

buffalo shea's performing art theatre wedding photography

We love to do wedding photography at Shea's Performing Arts Center in Buffalo. Ashley and Dan wanted to go there for photos after the ceremony. 

They had called a few month ahead to book it as well. You can't just walk in. We work with the wedding party in the main lobby and at the amazing stair case. We are not always allowed in the theater area or on stage. When we are, we usually only take in the bride and groom.

We were so lucky for this wedding. Not only were we allowed to take the bride and groom in the theater, but we were allowed on the main stage. It was great! While we had them on the stage getting the entire theater in the shots, Neal thought of this! He wanted to put them in the audience.

He had the bride and groom sit in the middle of a row of seats. Then he placed a flash on a seat a row behind them. He wanted it for back light. After we made a few adjustments with the intensity of the light, we had Ashley and Dan go in for an almost kiss. We didn't want a complete kiss or the light would be blocked. We needed some to peek through. 

When we looked at the camera after the shot was taken, it looked amazing! The bold red seats made that image look better than we imagined. The bride and groom look stunning! It is so crazy what adding some off camera lighting can do for a photo!

From Shea's we went to a private residence for the reception where the bride and groom were introduced to the wedding guests on a horse and carriage!

Location: 646 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14202 United States.