Groom and Groomsmen in Buffalo

Groom and Groomsmen in Buffalo

Jocelyn and Chris wanted to do their wedding photos at Gallagher Pier in Buffalo. Their wedding ceremony was at St. Joseph's Cathedral in Buffalo. After chatting with the couple and getting to know them during their engagement session at Knox Farm, we learned the groom is a Batman fan. He wanted to bring his costume to the wedding, but the bride vetoed that pretty quick. We wanted to figure out to to create something "Batman" like for Chris. We knew a location that may give the Gotham City feel for him. We told the bride and groom the idea and said it was not too far from he ceremony for a quick jump out of limo.

Once they saw the building, Chris wanted his groomsmen out for a few shots. He had nine groomsmen and we wanted them to all have that cool and casual look. We placed each guy where we needed them to be. Then told them to pose how they wanted or to stand how they normally would, just hanging around. We had to make a few adjustments to make sure everyone was in the image. Neal had to take it from the middle of the street, so we did have to condense everyone just a little.

This was perfect for the groom and his groomsmen. The guys are not always thrilled about going for photos. Well, the whole wedding party really just wants to party and drink.We try to make sure everyone has a good time and not have the portraits be boring. Once we finish up with the wedding party, we send them back to the limo and just work with the bride and groom! The bridal party loves this! This also gives us the opportunity to get some nice and intimate portraits of the couple without a crowd watching.

After jumping out at this location for the groom (we did do photos with his wife, Jocelyn here too), we went to Gallagher Pier for bridal party portraits and then onto the Columns Banquets for the reception.

Location: 2221 Transit Rd. Elma, NY 14059.