delaware park albright knox wedding photography buffalo

delaware park albright knox wedding photography buffalo

Leyla and Mike had some really pretty skies for there Sunday wedding. They had their ceremony and reception at the Mansion on Delaware in Buffalo. They did a first look at the Mansion. Then everyone got into their cars and headed to Delaware Park for photos. The wedding party was really small, so they did not need a limo. The immediate family also came. We did their family portraits first!

It was also a really hot and humid day. We worked as fast as we could to get everyone back to the mansion to the air conditioning. We worked with the wedding party first, then the bride and groom. 

We love this angle of the Albright Knox Art Gallery. This is one of the most popular locations for wedding photographs. We try to come up with different images for all of our clients. Since the clouds looked really good on this day, we wanted to have them in the photo. We also wanted to keep the architecture as well. Buffalo has amazing architecture!

We had Leyla go to the top of the stairs. Her veil was very light weight. We knew we could have her interact with it for some great images. I went up and showed her what we wanted! She nailed it. At the same time, a light breeze came through. The first of the day! It took her veil out to the side! Gorgeous!

Neal decided to turn this image to black and white. We wanted it very dramatic. The black and white also brought out a lot of detail in the image. You can see so much contrast in her wedding dress and in the building! 

After we got this, we brought in Mike for more portraits. We do like to work with the bride and groom separate on locations if we can! 

Location: 199 Lincoln Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14222.