best buffalo engagement photography on lake ontario

best buffalo engagement photography on lake ontario

Jenna and Artie had an amazing engagement session in 2013, at a private family residence in Youngstown, NY. There wedding was on May 31, 2014. There ceremony was at Our Lady of Victory Basilica in Lackawanna, NY. The reception was at the Statler in Buffalo, NY.

Now back to the engagement session. This image is our absolute favorite from their photo shoot. The scene here is part of an outdoor patio set the family had in the backyard. To me, it looked like a restaurant lounge in New York City! It was exactly the theme the bride and groom were going for. They had an upscale and glamorous wedding. The engagement had to match! 

We made sure that we had lighting all in order before the shot was taken too. We knew we wanted them sitting, so we put a speed light behind them. We only needed it to give a little glow behind. Then we positioned another light, to focus on their faces. After a few test shots, we were good to go.

We wanted the couple to be in their own little world for this photo. Look at the pose. We only directed them to sit on the couch and snuggle up nice and close. We asked Jenna to bring her fiancĂ© in and almost go in for a kiss. The placement of her hand is perfect on his face. We originally had both of her hands on his face, but it was a bit too much and covered to much of this gorgeous groom to be. They rearranged and Artie placed his hands on Jenna's knee. That was the shot!

The scene, backdrop, and outfits, tie this picture all together. The red couches and drapery just scream elegant and give a high end vibe. The stone columns bring some texture to the image. The sky behind them is throwing off a bluish hue and makes the couple pop! The lantern adds some warmth to the image. Lastly, their dark outfits give that night on the town feel. All that was needed were some martinis or wine! We actually did have access to those, but we wanted the lovely couple to be engaged! They are in love and should be focused on each other!

Location: 433 Old Lake Rd, Youngstown, NY 14174.