buffalo wedding cigar roller groomsmen brookfield club

buffalo wedding cigar roller groomsmen brookfield club

Cigar rolling stations have become very popular over the past few years to have at a wedding! They set up a table either inside or out and roll fresh cigars for the guests. If a couple does this, they usually make match books that have their wedding date on them for the guests to use and take home.

Kristen and Chris had their wedding at Brookfield Country Club in Clarence, NY. They had a cigar guy for the reception. Most of the groomsmen always like to share a cigar with the groom. This always can make for great photos. Neal loves to do this when it is dark out to get that smokey effect.

He had Chris and his guys go out onto the golf course where it was really dark out. He placed a light behind them. Then hand them hand out, light, and smoke their cigars! This was one of the images from that night! It turned out amazing! That light created a very cool color behind them!

Then you can see all little dots in the image. It was not raining. Those were actually bugs. They were flying toward the light. When Neal got this image home and into his computer, he zoomed in to see what the dots were. Besides bugs flying, there were spiders hanging in the frame. We have no idea where they came from or even how they were hanging from webs. I was so happy that I was inside photographing the dance party during this time. I would have been freaking out over spiders.

Bugs aside, this image turned out awesome! This is one for Chris's man cave!

Location: 5120 Shimerville Rd, Clarence, NY 14031 United States.