buffalo wedding horse and buggy rental vintage theme

buffalo wedding horse and buggy rental vintage theme

Ashley and Dan had their wedding reception at a private residence that belonged to one of Ashley's family members. We started off photos at Shea's Performing Arts Center in downtown Buffalo. They wanted to go super elegant and classy. That was a great place for that style.

Then to match their engagement session we did at Fort Niagara State Park, we did more photos before the reception around the property. The theme was rustic. It was beautiful!

We were told before the wedding there would be a horse and carriage bringing guests onto the grounds. Parking was further away, so they thought this would be fun! They also mentioned they may be introduced into the reception on the horse and buggy. 

Intros were starting in the tent that was set up. We were set up in there taking photos, when all of a sudden I see Neal running out of the tent. He noticed the bride and groom coming in on the horse and carriage from all the way down the road. He wanted to get some photos of the action and their ride in. 

He only had the lens on his camera which was not a wide angle. As the bride and groom were passing this tree, the sun rays were beaming through the branches. Neal knew this was the perfect spot for a magical photo. But how was he going to do this with the lens he had. He had to take a series of 8 photos and then merge them in post to get this image. It was more amazing then we hoped!

We found out later from the bride and groom, that Ashley grew up climbing and playing in this tree with her cousins. At that point we were even happier that Neal ran out to do this! 

We ordered this image for the studio in a giant metal print. When it came in, we had to show Ashley and Dan. They were coming in to look at albums and to start the design. In the end, they took home this amazing print from our studio. Now we just need to reorder one for ourselves!

Location: private residence in Williamsville NY United States, .