buffalo wedding limousine company rental photography

buffalo wedding limousine company rental photography

This was such a touching moment from Kelly and Tom's wedding. Kelly and Tom got ready at the Hampton Inn in downtown Buffalo. Kelly did not see her dad for the first time until she got to the ceremony.

This was that moment! She pulled up in the limo and dad was waiting outside of the church for her. Neal or I are always outside waiting for the bride and her bridesmaids to pull up in the limo! There is so much anticipation and excitement to see the arrival of the bride. We always get some great photos.

Instead of the limo driver opening the door, we had dad do it! Kelly already had the window down slightly to peek out. She saw dad approaching the car and open the door. He took her by the hand to escort her out. But first he went in a kissed her hand. Kelly had the biggest smile on her face to see dad. 

Thank god the window was open to see dad when he did this. This image has so much emotion. First look with dad or the parents is always so emotional. Even though neither is crying, you can see the joy and excitement on both of their faces.

The bride and groom had a giant reception at the Statler in downtown Buffalo. The weather held out for most of the day until the party started. We ended up taking the newlyweds out in the rain for some end of the night shots. Neal got one of his signature images that night! The Singing Brothers!

Location: 107 Delaware Ave. Buffalo NY 14202 United States.