las vegas engagement photographers vintage truck nelson nevada

las vegas engagement photographers vintage truck nelson nevada

This engagement session with Amanda and Ryan was so amazing and had so much meaning for us. Neal went to film school at Full Sale University in Orlando, Florida with Ryan. Ryan moved out to L.A. and pursued special effects in movies. Neal went on to be an international award winning photographer. 

Every year we attend a photography conference called Wedding Portrait and Photographers International (WPPI) in Las Vegas. This particular year would be memorable because Ryan contacted Neal and said he got engaged. He wanted some photos done. Their wedding took place with just the two of them in Thailand. They were married by monks and could not have the whole to do with photography. Completely understandable. But he still wanted something from Neal. We knew we were headed to Las Vegas for the show and told him the timeframe. He said it was perfect and they would drive up and meet us for a few days. We did some research on locations and what we thought they may like. We all agreed upon the Nelson Ghost Town. It was a few hours outside of Las Vegas. The had their car and picked us up are out hotel for the shoot. So nice of them. Then we headed to the location.

I won't lie. The drive was pretty scary. We were in the middle of the desert and the gas light had gone on. There was no cell phone reception and we were not sure where we were! Low and behold, there were signs for the Ghost Town and civilization was ahead to gas up the car. Thank god!

This location was amazing! There were abandoned building, cars, and even planes. We even learned music videos were produced there. We were in heaven!

Ryan and Amanda were the most laid back and loving couple. We got some amazing images there. This was just on an old beat up truck that was on the grounds. Ryan took upon himself to pull Amanda in for an almost kiss. Amanda is super tiny and had to brace herself, so she didn't slide off the car. We love this. There is so much emotion going on. 

Ryan and Amanda had such a beautiful connection. Every image was so natural. We were so happy to be a small part of their wedding journey. They got so many show stopping images at this location as well!

Location: Nelson Cutoff Rd. Searchlight, NV 89026.