buffalo father daughter emotional photography aisle

buffalo father daughter emotional photography aisle

Kelly and Tom had their ceremony at Queen of Heaven in Buffalo and a reception at the Statler in downtown Buffalo. They both had amazing families. The first time we met them, they all welcomed us with open arms. 

We also knew this was going to be very emotional wedding! Both the bride and groom are really close with family. This was taken right after Kelly and her father walked down the aisle. When Neal and I are working together, this would be Neal's view. He always stands at the front of the aisle to get the wedding party processing down. I follow the bride up from behind to get a reverse angle of the church as she walks down. 

This is where Kelly's father is giving her away to her husband Tom. Kelly's dad pulled her in so tight for a hug. She said later that she couldn't breath for a few seconds! Then dad shook Tom's hand and gave his blessing!

There is so much emotion in this image. You see the groom trying to hold back from crying. Then look to the right of the image. That man in the back is the father of the groom. He was crying! I love how Neal captured him in the shot too. We did not realize until we went through their images that he was in the shot too! 

Then Neal turned it to black and white. Neal loves to turn images with a lot of emotion to black and white. Since nothing is in color, your eyes are automatically drawn in to all the emotion!

Location: 4220 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14224.