buffalo bride groom lifestyle photographers bright airy

buffalo bride groom lifestyle photographers bright airy

Natalie and Joe wanted something different for their wedding portraits. They came to the right place at Neal Urban Studio for that! They had a rustic style theme for their wedding at Pearl at the Webb in downtown Buffalo. Besides rustic style photos, they also liked  industrial. This was going to be a fun challenge.

They wanted to stop at Buffalo Outer Harbor at some point for some wedding party shots. We threw out the idea of going to the grain elevators. They were not too far from the harbor and it would be a really cool location. They loved the idea.

We only took the bride and groom out at this location, because we knew we maybe should not be there. We didn't see any signs though. Neal scoped out the area first. He did find a door that was open to sneak into an actual grain elevator too! 

This image was done outside. The grain elevators were behind the couple. Natalie and Joe had a beautiful connection. They photographed so well too. They could pose and they knew how to have fun. We really like this up close shot of the bride and groom. They had the best smiles!

The better connection the couple has the better the images will turn out. Once all the nerves are gone people feel a lot more relaxed too for photos! There were no nerves for this bride and groom though!

Location: Childs St, Buffalo, NY 14203 United States.