Groom takes photo of bride tifft nature buffalo wedding

Groom takes photo of bride tifft nature buffalo wedding

This was such a fun image with Jamie and Gavin! Their ceremony was at St. John's Grace Episcopal Church in Buffalo. It was a gorgeous church. We went for photos at Tift Nature Preserve. The wedding reception was at Briarwood Country Club in Hamburg NY.

The bride and groom had amazing weather at Tift for their photos! After working with the wedding party, we sent them back to the limo to party, while we did portraits with Jamie and Gavin!

There is a trail on this rolling hill. We wanted the bride to walk slowly down and look off into the distance. There was really nice movement in her dress! While Neal and I were at different angles taking photos, the groom decided to take his own with his phone and take some pictures of his lovely wife!

Neal saw this and took the photo of Gavin on his phone! He was in a great spot to frame in this angle. Everything is perfect in this image! The tall grass is blowing perfect in the wind. The bride picking up her dress looks amazing! And the white puffy clouds are beautiful! We really loved the stance the groom is in, with his one leg bent forward. A true photographer stance!

We never know what is going to happen during a wedding or any type of photo session. In this instance, the image turned out so great with not knowing the groom was going to do this!

Location: 1200 Fuhrmann Boulevard, Buffalo, NY 14203.