buffalo central terminal wedding bridal party photography

buffalo central terminal wedding bridal party photography

Kelly and Tom had their ceremony at Queen of Heaven Church in Buffalo. The reception was at the Statler in Buffalo. For their photos, we went to the Buffalo Central Terminal. This was when weddings were allowed to go in for photos. They are doing some major renovations and restoration they no longer allow people inside. It's too bad. It's an amazing location.

In the terminal, we liked to work with the wedding party in the main part of the building. Then we venture off with just the bride and groom. You can see, this bridal party was pretty large. There are only so many poses we can do with a wedding party this big. 

Casual walking to the camera photos are always great for this size wedding! There is not planning or expectation from the group. We pair them up with their escorts, then have the bride and groom lead the way. They always need to be front and center. 

We tell everyone to have fun and not worry about the camera. We actually do not want them to look at the camera. In this image, the whole party is having a great time! They were laughing and yelling out their congratulations to the happy couple. Kelly and Tom stayed focused on each other. They had huge smiles!

This is exactly the kind of reactions and expressions we hope for when we do this. Sometimes we have to do it more than once, but we always seem to capture something awesome!

From here, we headed to the Statler for the reception!

Location: 495 Paderewski Dr, Buffalo, NY 14212.