Fitness Model at Neal Urban Studio

Fitness Model at Neal Urban Studio

If you started at the beginning of our gallery, you would have noticed two other images in our fitness portraits. We did a solo of the guy (earlier in the gallery). You will notice, his image has the same idea with the light rays, but his is much darker. It fits the "guy" style much more than this.

We wanted to create the same idea, but have it be more girly for her fitness portfolio.We "borrowed" our parents home gym while they were on vacation. It was perfect timing. We reached out to two fitness models for this session. We knew they would look amazing with this idea. They both brought a bunch of outfits to pick from. I think we ended up using everything they brought.

We hoped for the sun to be out and in full force that day, but it was not. We put a light outside of the window and put it on full power. Then we pumped out the smoke with our smoke machine to really get that beam of light. It almost looks dusty! For this model, we added in another light inside. This would help to make the image brighter and show more of the gym equipment. However, the light rays do spotlight right on the fitness model. This is exactly what we wanted to happen. Then we added in the weight bar below for a little extra prop.

This personal portrait session was so much fun. We had no time restraints or deadlines to get this done. It was nice to have an idea and have time to do it. We try our hardest to do some personal projects every year. We were so happy we got to do this one!

Location: Neal Urban Studio Buffalo NY.