Generations Portrait

Generations Portrait

Grandma, mom, daughters, granddaughters all welcome to Neal Urban Studio. This was such a memorable family portrait session at Neal Urban Portraits. We had worked with this family a few years back (with dad) for holiday family pictures. Now it was time for mom and her girls to have some fun.

This is such a timeless image. Having a family portrait with lineage is always such a great idea. People often do not realize how important capturing these memories are with family. One day when people pass, this is something to remember them by and always have. Images like this can be passed down from generation to generation. Neal Urban Photography hopes as the family grows, the portraits will continue to happen.

These ladies looked absolutely stunning. The outfits were beautiful and these ladies were both gorgeous inside and out. All the photos taken were keepers! The connection with the hands, arms, and heads, make this image very powerful too. They could conquer the world.

It was so great to have grandma at Neal Urban Studio as well. As we were photographing her grandchildren, she was the best cheerleader. Then at times, tears, because she was so happy seeing her family do this.

An even better gift for this family, was the design of a custom album from Neal Urban Collections after the images were complete. It was a great way for them to be able to display these amazing images in their homes!

Location: Youngstown NY.