Family Fun at Ellicott Square Building

Family Fun at Ellicott Square Building

Andy, who currently resides in LA, contacted us for a family portrait session. He was going to be visiting his family in Buffalo and wanted to do a high end photo session!

We loved his vision. We sent him some locations that we thought he would like. He ended up going with the Ellicott Square Building in downtown Buffalo. We felt it was a great choice too. We also sent him Shea's Performing Arts Center and the Statler.

This session was also great because some of his sisters were from out of town as well. So this was the perfect time to get everyone together.

Andy mentioned he wanted a Kardashian style photo session. We knew we could do this for him! Everyone was going to wear black and be pretty dressed up! We started with the whole family!

We had all of our lights set up and then placed Andy and his family. We did a bunch of different poses with them as well. Then it was time for solos!

Look how cute his niece is! She was sporting mom's sunglasses while waiting her turn. Neal Urban Studio decided to keep them on her. She definitely had the movie star vibe. Don't all Kardashians wear sunglasses pretty much at all times!!

Location: Buffalo NY.