buffalo maternity dress tifft nature preserve lifestyle

buffalo maternity dress tifft nature preserve lifestyle

Tift Nature Preserve is an amazing location for maternity sessions. It was a gorgeous day for Jenna and Artie's session.

Jenna was the cutest mommy to be. Her belly was so tiny. You can hardly even see it in the photo. She wore a super fitted, flowy dress. This did help to make her belly stand out enough.

They always say pregnant women are glowing. Well, Jenna was literally glowing in this image. We walked up to one of the highest parts of the park as the sun was setting. There happened to be a large rock. We had Jenna step up, so she wasn't lost in the tall grass. This also positioned the sun behind her for back light. And it cast a beautiful golden color to Jenna and all of the tall grass.

We loved the tall grass surrounding the rock. It created some depth to the image as well. There were some faint whispy clouds in the sky too. Jenna's maternity dress was cascading down the rock. Both hands were on the belly. Then she looked down to the baby bump! Then train of her dress took off in the wind. It looked amazing! So we decided to focus on that for some images.

We kept Jenna where she was, and I helped to have her dress catch the wind. I threw up the dress to create a pocket for the wind to catch. Then I dropped it and ran away as fast as I could. We did this a few times to test it out. Then we told Jenna to look over her shoulder and down toward her dress this time. We wanted a bit more artists style than just her looking at her belly! She looked gorgeous and the image turned out so amazing!

We brought in Artie to join Jenna as well. We started to lose the sun at that point, so we got a completely different look for those images. From there, we went across the street to the Outer Harbor for pictures along the water!

Location: Buffalo NY.