Family is Everything

Family is Everything

Neal Urban Photography loves the connection in this image. Look at mom kissing her sons head, while dad is kissing his cheek. They are as close as they can get to him.

Castle was such an amazing little boy for Neal Urban Studio to photograph. His story is beautiful. He depends on a feeding tube, oxygen tanks, and other medical equipment for his daily life. He is also unable to move on his own. His parents and siblings do not let that stop Castle from being a child and loved. They get him to laugh, smile, and he does that in return to them.

Neal Urban Studio wanted to show that love and beauty during this studio photo session. Mom was wonderful in explaining everything about her son to us. She wishes that more people would just ask about him instead of judge or stare at him. That thought never crossed our minds at Neal Urban Portraits. We were so excited to meet him and capture this amazing boy.

His mother told us she could snuggle and hug him all day. But Castle, just like any other child, gives her that look of mom leave me alone for a few minutes. It was so fun to see. Neal Urban Photography captured some amazing images of Castle and his parents. True love!

Location: Eden NY.