buffalo pregnancy photographers outfits beach tall grass

buffalo pregnancy photographers outfits beach tall grass

Lindsey and Cory had an amazing evening for their maternity session at Woodlawn Beach State Park in Blasdell, NY.

They had a very cool day for their session. A storm was rolling in. It was windy and the skies were turning dark. Perfect timing for a photo shoot, at least for Neal Urban Studio. We love when there are weather issues! We always capture great images and take advantage of what nature gives us!

Lindsey had a great maternity dress too. They actually weren't even maternity. She had such a small belly she didn't need maternity clothing. She found a light and airy dress! We loved it!

The clouds were moving in and there was not much light in the sky. The clouds were slowly breaking up, but not quite a colorful sunset yet. We had to be patient. We knew it was coming. And it sure did!

We had Lindsey walk up a tiny hill just off of the beach. We really wanted to get a lot of the sky in the image. It was amazing. We had Lindsey stand in the tall grass and hold that baby bump. You can see how windy it was from her hair blowing around. We had no control over that. But she looked stunning.

So many images for their maternity portraits looked like magazine ads. To make this more dramatic, we did not brighten up the back grounds. We kept them dark, just like the storm clouds we saw. For this I did stand with a light to make Lindsey glow a little. Her tiny belly was blending in with the sky, so this helped to define it!

Location: 3580 Lakeshore Rd, Blasdell, NY 14219.