buffalo family photography location fall clarence ny

buffalo family photography location fall clarence ny

We do a lot of family portraits! Trying to fit them in the schedule during prime wedding season, is always tough. We do our best. Unfortunately, we can only schedule during the week, as weddings take over the weekends.

We do family portraits every year for this family Normally in October or November. Mom likes to have them outdoors.  They also use the images for their christmas cards.

For this particular year, we went to the Clarence Town Park in Clarence, NY. It was close to their house and they take the kids there a lot. They had some amazing weather that evening. 

We found this area that had a bunch of pine trees. We had them sit in front of them, so the pines would be all around them. It was also shaded as well, so they were not directly in the sun.

From here, we walked around the park. We stopped along the water, on some bridges, and also a wooden gazebo. Then we did portraits of just the kids. We had them running around and playing. Sometimes trying to pose children this small if tough. They really do not understand and they do not sit still. We find having them do their own thing first, calms them down. We normally get some really good photos too. Then they usually listen to mom and dad if we want them to do something specific for a photo. Bribing them with ice cream after usually works too!

Location: 10405 Main St, Clarence, NY 14031.