buffalo maternity photography woodlawn beach vintage

buffalo maternity photography woodlawn beach vintage

Maternity sessions at Woodlawn Beach State Park are always gorgeous! Lindsey and Cory told us the style they wanted and I told them to check out Woodlawn! They had never been there, but loved the idea.

We had so many areas we wanted to shoot at. The problem was, a storm was moving in really fast. It made for dramatic and beautiful skies, but at any moment it was going to start raining. Lindsey and Cory were awesome! They were on top of everything and loved our crazy ideas. Lindsey had some great dresses too. She wanted her dress to flow in the wind. I told her if it wasn't windy, we could still create that look. Good thing it was windy! Her dress was blowing around everywhere!

We asked Lindsey if she was willing to go into this grass for an image. She went in barefoot and said lets do it! We had her put both hands on the bottom of the baby bump. We wanted a dramatic pose for this image. That is why she was not smiling. She could really pull off the serious face too!

Then Neal turned it to black and white to make it even more dramatic. We finished the session right in time. It started to storm as we were all driving out of the parking lot! 

We would see Lindsey and Cory and their son for newborn photos at Neal Urban Studio a few months later! We always have so much fun with this family!

Location: 3580 Lakeshore Rd, Blasdell, NY 14219.