buffalo family photography fall leaves park kids fun

buffalo family photography fall leaves park kids fun

We did this Fall family session at Clarence Town Park in Clarence, NY! We do photos for this family every year at this time. They use them for their Christmas cards!

We had worked with the whole family to start off the shoot. Then mom and dad wanted some portraits of the kids! Kids can be so unpredictable for photos. They get tired and want snacks and have short attention spans.

We wanted them to interact and have fun! There were so many leaves on the ground. We suggested throwing leaves in the air. I started to do it while Neal was taking the photos. Then the kids started to do the same!

This cute big sister couldn't help herself from dumping leaves on her baby brothers head. He was laughing every time she did it! 

Trying to keep family sessions simple when there are small children is always a good idea. We try to keep the shoots no longer than an hour. This seems to be best for the kids. They really can't take much longer than that. We also like to take time outs and breaks if we need as well. We want to keep the children as happy as possible. If that means snack or drink breaks, so be it. They usually come back out very happy!

Location: 10405 Main St, Clarence, NY 14031.