buffalo family photographers beaver island beach lifestyle

buffalo family photographers beaver island beach lifestyle

Family portraits are timeless and we will continue to say that. You can not take away those memories of having those family members in a photo.

This family session took place at Beaver Island State Park in Grand Island, NY. This is a great park for family photo shoots. Not only is it a park atmosphere, but there is a beach too! There is also an old club house with pillars that is used as a wedding and event venue.

We used all of those for this family session. It started off a little rocky on our end. We got stuck in a huge traffic jam on one of the Grand Island bridges. This made us late to the shoot. This was something uncontrollable. We knew we had to make up for it in the images. We sure did. Here is mom surrounded by her lovely children!

Upon arrival there was some frustration because the baby was starting to get sleepy. Very understandable. Once we got her running around with her older brothers, she was all smiles and laughs!

The outfits choice for this family was great too! It fit the park and beach one hundred percent. The baby looked like a little princess with her jewelry and head band. And everyone had ocean blue colored eyes! Close up solo photos were amazing!

A simple location can create beautiful images. There were no crazy back grounds or props. Everything was all natural. 

Location: Beaver Island State Park, Grand Island, NY, United States.