buffalo baby newborn photography ideas in suitcase boy books

buffalo baby newborn photography ideas in suitcase boy books

This was a fun newborn session at Neal Urban Studio. Dad is a lawyer and we wanted to come up with something that was specifically geared toward him. Renee and Patrick (parents) may want their son to follow in daddies footsteps!

We are always going to antique stores looking for old vintage props. That is our style. We love old books. We  snag them up as much as we can. On one of our adventures, we came across this old suitcase. We had no idea when and what we were going to use it for. Then Renee contacted us for newborn photos. We already did their wedding photos. The wedding was at Asbury Hall on Delaware Ave in downtown Buffalo. Gorgeous wedding venue,

Our wheels were turning to come up with an idea catered to Renee and Patrick. We were hanging out at the studio and I saw the suitcase sitting next to Neal's desk. I took it out and said we should use this. Then we started to brain storm and came up with this.

This little guy was such a good baby and sleeper too! We got to do so many different things with him. This was the main shot we wanted, so we made sure to start with this. Then from here, we switched up the sets and outfits. If the baby is milk drunk as photographers call it, we can do many more photos and poses. This is something we all hope for, but does not always happen.

If you look close you can tell this baby was in a peaceful sleep. And dreaming of something really good. Look at that little smile!

Location: 2495 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14214 United States.