buffalo baby newborn hockey theme goalie pads

buffalo baby newborn hockey theme goalie pads

Hockey newborn session at Neal Urban Studio in Buffalo! Natalie and Joe had this hockey them for baby Niall. When they came into the studio, we were not expected Joe to bring his actual goalie gear!

This made the shoot even more personal for the parents! We began with family portraits as we always do! Baby Niall was in such a deep sleep. We could do some many different things with him. Then it was time for the hockey set up. We really didn't have anything in mind at first. Once Neal set down the goalie pad he came up with this idea. It is a giant cushion, so the baby would be comfortable!

We ran the idea passed Natalie and Joe. They loved it and said go for it! When we put Niall down, we made sure to have hands all around to make sure he did not roll. When he didn't move at all, we slowly moved our hands away. We could not believe he stayed sleeping. We always have our newborn assistant for these shoots. So, her and I were on both side ready for anything. Neal stepped back and began to shoot! We had to make only a few small adjustments. The baby didn't want to keep his arms in. They keep sneaking out. Once his arms stayed, it only took Neal about thirty seconds to get the pictures! 

We could have left Niall there all day and we don't think he would have budged. Natalie and Joe could not stop laughing! We hope he continued to stay sleeping for them at home!

Location: 2495 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14214 United States.